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A Brief Complement to the Last Post


My rather chaotic approach to the Natural Printing on Paper has resulted mostly in somewhat watery ghost images on the paper though nicely colored, at least to my mind, due to the presence of different metal scraps in the pile, as I assume…


As I was enjoying my dear FB friend Betty Eilat’s Experiments on Paper  album the other day, I realized a couple of things and got an idea,

(which I was unable to conclude based on my own practical results due to the lack of those regarding Paper! Credits to Betty Eilat!)

  • The prints created via steaming and simmering differ;
  • The difference is watery/blurry vs graphic/well-defined images;
  • The blurry print could make a great background to print over a more defined one!

Right here I have to stop and declare, that I am fully aware of the possibility that somewhere someone has learnt this phenomenon long time before me; he/she may have been successfully using this approach, etc. By dwelling upon this topic I by no means am aspiring to be a discoverer! I am just committing to paper the sequence of my working process in this Field, so to say…



So, back to the subject.

  1. I took one of my dyed papers with no vivid imprints;
  2. took a few presoaked leaves;
  3. a steam iron;
  4. and a paper towel.

I iron-steamed the sandwich for a few seconds and got quite satisfactory results as for such a short period of steaming time .

? What if  it were  the real steaming! Wow!

It is just sometimes you spend so much time and effort on setting up some experiment only to  find yourself desperately disappointed with the outcome, realizing  that the approach has no prospects what so ever, so when a test as small  as this all of sudden yields  some promising results, it is really worth sharing it with whoever shares the same interests!! I think so .

What do you think, Betty?   


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Looking for the Golden Autumn

Well, this year we are unlikely to have the beautiful season of the turning Fall leaves, the Golden Autumn, as it is called locally.

It should have been here by now!

Instead we are watching some of the green leaves rapidly turning dark-brown and falling…

It could be, that the reason for this is actually the abnormally hot summer of this year and the September… Who knows.

Mid October

Mid October

The last shower has introduced a rich windfall, mostly of the still green leaves, which I could not have passed by!

And as I was not planning to spend the Sunday evening at my studio, I started thinking of any possible method of the dye extraction/dyeing I could perform at my kitchen at home,

and better be it a rapid one!

In terms of both the efficiency and energy saving I preferred my microwave oven to the gas cooker.

Plus, the crockery/utensils! 

Anyway, I had this cotton muslin table runner (or is it a scarf?) which was pretreated with tannin by sitting a few days within my oak barrel

The Oak Barrel

The Oak Barrel

My plan was to use vinegar and the plant material, this way nothing hazardous went into the microwave, so I just could set up the experiment.

The plants were all well known, some edible.

Microwave Dyeing

The fabric was covered with water and weighted down with another bowl full of water.

I microwaved the entire thing for 20-30 min at the High setting.

Microwave Dyeing

Microwave DyeingMicrowave DyeingMicrowave Dyeing

As I did not provide a sufficient pressure area to enable the contact printing, I rather got  some ghost prints, than anything distinct.

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The pictures were taken of the fabric dry and pressed!

Microwave DyeingMicrowave Dyeing

Dyers, let’s strive to utilize the most efficient extraction/dyeing methods in the Natural Dyeing, and beyond!



Где же Золотая Осень?


Похоже, что в этом году не видать нам волшебства Золотой осени, когда листва вспыхивает пожаром красок. Уж давно бы ей наступить, но вместо этого мы наблюдаем, как зеленый лист очень быстро становится коричневым и опадает…

Причиной тому, возможно, ненормально жаркое лето, а вслед за ним и сентябрь. Кто знает.

Последний ливень причинил обильный листопад из зеленых листьев, оставить без внимания который я, понятно, не могла.

А так как проводить воскресный вечер в мастерской мне никак не хотелось, то я стала придумывать некий способ экстракции красителя, применимый на моей домашней кухне, и желательно метод быстрого действия.

С точки зрения как эффективности, так и энергосбережения, я предпочла микроволновку газовой плите. Не забывая и о посуде, тоже.


Итак, под рукой в качестве материала у меня была не то длинная салфетка, не то шарф из хлопка, который был предварительно насыщен танинами из воды в моей дубовой бочке, где он провел последние несколько дней.

Я задумала применить только уксус и растительный материал, но так, чтобы ничто вредное не попало в мою кухонную микроволновку.

Все готово для эксперимента.


Ткань я поместила в стеклянную посуду и залила водой, сверху пригрузила еще одной посудиной с водой. Включила на самую высокую мощность и обрабатывала около 20-30 мин.

Поскольку ткань была все-таки не достаточно прижата, чтобы получилась контактная печать, отпечатки вышли скорее размытыми, чем четкими.


Фото результата делались уже с высохшей и отглаженной ткани.


Эко-красильщики, ай-да все на поиски наиболее энерго-эффективных методов экстракции натуральных красителей!



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