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Solstice Sunset

I’m glad my workshop schedule is ready and classes are filling up. Some work is done and some more is on the way. There is a huge to do list for my studio work. And the Gallery lives it’s live too…

But what’s outside my creative place? Taking a walk to make a wreath and throw it to the water on Solstice we watched a secret rite of the three on the pond.

After all the swans moved away…

I like this part of the day when water and sky become one with the only dividing stripe of the skyline. The time when all ordinary turns into magic…

What a magical gift this sunset was! Do your magic, soul friends, and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Embracing the Season! Привет, сЕНТЯБРЬ!

Embracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the seasonEmbracing the season

I took all these pics just within an hour when one day I made a 400 km detour into a most picturesque area from my conventional route.

I expected to find some Season inspiration and was overwhelmed with sensation of the triumph the Autumn was celebrating all over the hills and along the valleys, while the hundred-year-old trees were majestically towering above the vanity of vanities. 

Needless to say, I returned from the trip with a bunch of inspirational memories and a bag full of the windfall, the material for my continuous printing/dyeing experiments!  

It’s time to pick up leaves, you all!


Всего за час мне повезло сделать чудесные фото, когда во время одной из своих поездок я решила отклониться от маршрута на 400 км!

Хотелось впечатлений осенних, и неожиданно – Вот он, триумф Осени по склонам холмов и в долинах, а столетние деревья-великаны своей мудростью спокойно возвышаются над суетой сует…

Само собой разумеется, вернулась я из путешествия с огромной коллекцией впечатлений и невероятным мешком собранных листьев:

запаслась и вдохновением, и материалом для экспериментов!

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