The unusual usual things

What are the odds to see a tree covered with oranges in mid March in temperate climate? The other morning at the parking lot I got surprised a bit by seeing this:

However, even bigger surprise I am constantly getting from oak trees which grow nearby our house. These trees prefer not to shed leaves for winter time, like normal trees would do in Fall,

instead they make sure you have got enough oak leaves to clean from your ground all Winter long, and even at the end of March they are covered with leaves like nothing happened:

Come on, oak trees, drop it already! Make some space for new leaves! I wonder how they do it, or will the new leaves push the old ones out when growing? This time I will be watching the whole process very attentively, my observation log is officially opened!

Mid February I planted some grass seeds in anticipation of Spring and today I thought I would plant the grass which I have growing on my windowsill, outside on a sunny spot. And guess what?

Apparently my grass developed a body

And in no time she was making her first steps

So, I took her for a walk. Hope she liked it..

It seems as if extraordinary usual things prefer my company lately. And by any chance, have you, guys, noticed any unusual usual things around you recently? Anyway, keep an eye open, they are there and they wait till you pay attention.

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