The Imprints on Paper – The Process Review – Отпечатки на бумаге – Заметки по ходу процесса

My Dear Fellow-Dyers,

These are some  on the process which led to the results shown in The Imprints on Paper page of this blog.

Друзья – красильщики и сочувствующие,

Вот вам мои заметки по ходу процесса, результаты которого представлены в разделе этого блога Results – The Imprints on Paper.

Please, kindly consider!

Paper imprints process

Paper imprints processPaper imprints process

One sunny afternoon as a most spontaneous experimenter, I got down to the contact printing on paper out of sheer curiosity without having done neither any preparation of the materials, nor study of what the other knowledgeable people were doing about the natural printing on paper.

..I set up this experiment in between my housekeeping activities..

I just bothered to pour boiling water over some dried euca, all the rest of the leaves were freshly fallen from the tree, so to say. And I got some found objects, as metal scraps and a piece of the lace which I found somewhere in the house.

Had to cut the paper, too!


Был солнечный полдень, и, как всегда, спонтанно я подошла к пробной контактной печати на бумаге.

Мое любопытство и непреодолимое желание скорейших результатов не оставили мне шанса ни подготовить необходимые материалы, ни вдумчиво изучить, что и как знающие люди делают в отношении эко принта на бумаге. 

И вообще, эксперимент пришлось ставить в промежутке между хоз. мероприятиями… 

Листья, сухие эвк. и свежие из-под ближайших деревьев, я залила кипятком; собрала по дому некоторые предметы: металлические кусочки, обрезки кружева.

Ну и бумагу нарезала, тоже…


Paper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints process

Now, for what could have been done, and yet neglected,

  • Presoaking paper part;
  • Pressing the leaves flat for a few days prior to printing;


Теперь о том, что следовало бы сделать, однако это было упущено.

  • Замочить бумагу предварительно
  • Поместить все листья под пресс за несколько дней до эксперимента


Paper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints process

And what is more crying,

  • The paper stack was not steamed

It was boiled in water..

..a paper at the bottom got sort of burnt:



Более вопиющие факты:

  • Стопку бумаги я не пропарила,

Я ее кипятила в воде!

ну да, нижний лист подгорел…

Paper imprints processPaper imprints processPaper imprints process

The last two photos show the whole arrangement with the weight (a saucepan full of water) on top, and the revealed view of the papers in water as the weight has been removed.

This is it, the story of one lazy eco printing on paper!



На последних двух фото изображена вся аранжировка с грузом сверху (казанок с водой)

и вид после того, как груз убран.

Такие вот ленивые вареники!

Вернее, ленивая контактная эко печать на бумаге…

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19 responses to “The Imprints on Paper – The Process Review – Отпечатки на бумаге – Заметки по ходу процесса

  • Gala Lo

    Все интересно,непредсказуемо и увлекательно! Спасибо,Лен,за приятные эмоции!

  • Tatiana

    Очень красиво, Елена!

  • masharazner

    Елена, спасибо! Кажется, я скоро заброшу все свои дела и займусь эко-принтами..

  • filmcamera999

    Reblogged this on filmcamera999 and commented:
    beautiful work!

  • Rebecca Aranyi

    How beautiful. I think when we allow ourselves the freedom to just explore, the results can be stunning.

  • wendyfe

    Thank you, Elena! I admire your free approach. I do not think there can be “rules” at all for contact printing with plants, only some generally desired results or complete acceptance of whatever comes out! The variables involved are so many that I do believe it would make us crazy trying to control them. Over time, it is true we can predict or at least anticipate a few of the outcomes if we have kept some careful notes at hand…but do we really want te same result every time? Othe artists would like to know how we achieve our results but in fact, even after the most detailed sharing of our processes, no other work by us or by others will ever look Identical. Those surprises are why we love the process of eco printing. So keep on making and never apologize for being “lazy” – there are not eco print police!

    • theimportanceofprocrastination

      Dear Wendy,

      I am so flattered to get such supporting appreciation from a known and respected expert in the field like you! I appreciate it very much!

      What a great synopsis of the Natural Art you’ve given! Thanks, Wendy!

      And I cannot say more to express how happy I am that my work results in something interesting and possibly inspiring for my dear colleagues!

  • Judy

    You are so much like me Elena: very impulsive. When I want to dye something, I jump right in and do it! I am rather impatiently waiting to do some cotton dyeing right now – wish the cotton would dry from the soy milk bath!
    I pop my whole bundle of paper into the boiling bath too….I think I get better results that way, than when I steam them.
    And like Susanne said, it’s difficult to find a large enough pot for the papers. Right now I am rather restricted in that, and I don’t like it!

    Nice results from your dyeing!


  • Terrie

    Some marks do look pretty. The green and the leaves outlines are not too bad. I love some stains indeed.

  • htheblog

    Great idea. I have some arbutus bark that I may try that with.

  • Susanne A.

    Interesting. You put the paper into the water rather than just steaming? Is that correct?

    • theimportanceofprocrastination

      The thing is I didn’t study the directions for the correct way of the printing on paper before doing it!

      I was rather playing by ear, than following any approach of proved worth. It’s incorrect.

      You see, Susanne, it’s like cooking, my problem is that I enjoy cooking a lot and my family enjoys my food big time, but I am unable to use cook books for directions, I use them just for inspirational pictures! That’s funny, but true. If i try to follow a recipe I will just waste the products. It just doesn’t work for me.

      So, I never look for the instructions before cooking anything. I start checking out recipes postfactum to compare the outcome!


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